Cerdo baby


I slept late. Really late. My groggy, two connections plus a redeye eyes wandered to the clock - 2:15pm. Welcome to Chile. The sun is shining, the vino is flowing, and I have a succulent marinated pork "sanguche" from Ciudad Vieja's Sangucheria to greet me.

El Hombre doesn't arrive until tomorrow so, until then, I'm living it up in Sur America... And that means eating. And of course lots of ogling over food at the markets after I've filled my belly. For now, let's talk about this sandwich. Chileans love their sanguches- now I know why.


Envision, since I can't blog the taste: juicy marinated pork, pickled red onions, lightly fried and ever so thin slices of sweet potato, a tousle of lettuce, a smear of mayonnaise, all cozied between a soft, light, Chilean baguette aka marraqueta. A handful of spicy arugula on the side. Divine.

I skipped coffee this morning for this (let's be honest...and a glass or two of crisp Chilean Chardonnay). Maybe I should do this more often. Cerdo sanguches y vino on the farmette? Sexy. I'll tell you what else is sexy: Santiago, a bustling study in colorful contrasts. Or perhaps it's this gorgeous little boutique lodging, Hotel Aubrey, nestled into the skyward side of Metropolitan Park. Either way, I like it, and I want more. Standby- this farmetter is going pure urban. Bienvenidos a Santiago de Chile.