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Hello from Ireland! We're having a lovely time but I must admit I desperately miss my garden greens (yes, already). The shops are filled to the brim with beautiful local dairy (Cashel Blue and the best cream ever), but are sorely lacking in seasonal, local produce (I had to look hard to find potatoes from Ireland). "Farm to table" hasn't yet become fashionable in Dublin, or perhaps there is a more complicated explanation involving economics (and geography), but I was very disappointed to be buying carrots from Turkey and spinach from Spain. But that's not why I'm interrupting my vacation to write. Instead I wanted to quickly recommend you check out Katia Bishops’ funny and unique blog reflecting on motherhood, I am the milk, where my post "Unexpected Harvests" is being featured today in her campaign to raise awareness about miscarriage and infertility. Thank you Katia, and everyone else working to raise the decibel level on something we are all too quiet about. If you want to follow pictures from our trip, check out my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook feeds.

Slán Abhaile, Audra