Gobble Gobble

It's gonna be real this year.  Old school.  Like major old school--heritage turkey style.  The bird comes tomorrow, from a farm in Kansas dedicated to bringing back native turkey species.  He's being FedEx'd overnight, first class. He's spending tonight in Indianapolis.  I know because I tracked him.  I wonder if there's a Ritz in Indianapolis?  This is one special turkey.  I can't wait to taste him. The locaphiles are now rightly wondering why I won't be eating a Washington, or for that matter, Orcas Island bird.  Simple answer is I stalled.  And I'm greedy.  I wanted a big bird and lots of leftover turkey sandwiches on homemade cranberry pumpkin bread.  And I wanted a heritage bird.  Last minute, fat ass, old-school.  I couldn't find it in Washington.  Kansas came to the rescue.

The heritage bird will be a first for me (and I believe also for my lucky guests who would probably prefer a big slab of white breast meat).  They won't be getting that.  But they'll be getting so much more.  The bird, and everything on our long wooden table beside it, will be filled with good intention.  Like the phrase, "she meant well".  Well, I do, I really do.

I'm saying thank you, for being my rock, for braving a 5-hour drive and a ferry ride, for putting up with me, through food.  And I've been saying it for about a week now.  But - you come, I cook.  Your belly will be full with homegrown, mostly local, scratch cooked goodness; your head, dizzy with wine.  The tots will be sticky with vanilla ice cream, made especially for them.  This I promise.

Cheers to our first, island Thanksgiving.  I am really, truly, grateful.

All that thanks

4 loaves of bread (2 whole wheat, 2 white), 4 jars cranberry sauce, 4 jars cranberry sauce, 3 apple pies in butter crust (thank you Ryan for the beautiful apples), 2 loaves of cranberry pumpkin walnut bread, 2 batches vanilla bean ice cream, 2 homegrown sugar pumpkins, roasted and pureed, 1 batch rum raisin ice cream, 1 batch cinnamon ice cream, 1 bourbon pumpkin cheesecake, 1 Orcas picked blackberry pie, 1 jar spiced Orcas pears, 1 stockpot salmon chowder, 10 very cold fingers from picking chard, carrots, mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage & beets from the garden

An Island Thanksgiving

To start

April Bloomfield's devils on horseback (spiced pear stuffed bacon wrapped armagnac soaked prunes)

Saint Andre w/blueberry chutney, 15mth manchego with quince membrillo

Charcuterie from Olympic Provisions courtesy of my incredible sister maria in portland who generously supports my cured meat habit


Winter green salad with spiced orcas pears, gorgonzola, candied walnuts in a homegrown strawberry balsamic dressing


Brined & roasted heritage turkey with gravy

Mashed Orcas potatoes

Swiss chard gratin

Garden peas with orange zest and mint

Butter glazed carrots with rosemary

Rosemary-sage stuffing with pork sausage and brandied figs

Cranberry sauce w/ginger & orange

Cranberry wine jelly

Homemade sweet pumpkin dinner rolls


Apple pie

Blackberry pie

Bourbon pumpkin pecan cheesecake

a la mode with cinnamon, rum raisin, and vanilla bean ice cream


Eat well friends.  Happy Thanksgiving.