Run, Swim, Repeat (10 times)

I managed to do it: Run from Manly to Spit Harbor and complete 10 swims (many on insanely gorgeous empty beaches) on the way.  It was the best Tuesday I’ve ever had, or at least the best in my recent history slogging away on a trading floor.  My only regret is not being able to lug a proper camera -- the Iphone doesn’t do the views justice (and the cheap pair of useless goggles I bought that broke 2 swims in).  Either way, here’s a taste of this fantastic Sydney tour in pictures (in reverse- I started with Swim 10 and worked my way down).  If you try this, watch out for the peel off to the left for Beach 4 - it’s unmarked but will quickly wind you down a steep tunnel-like path to a rocky drop off overlooking the beach (which requires mild climbing).  I missed it and ended up swimming at Beach 3 before I realized it, only to have to trek it back and add another kilometer to the tally.  This beach, Washaways, was hands down the standout, so don’t miss it!  Sydney has a plethora of other ocean and harbor paths -- if you’re planning a visit, it’s imperative to do at least one. Another great one is Bondi Beach to Coogee -- I might hit that up later today, sans the running shoes and this time like a proper tourist with a proper camera.