Spit to Manly in 10 Swims and 10K

I mentioned to Gerry’s Head of Technology yesterday that I was hoping to get some good swimming in while in Sydney.  The people here seem to live in their speedos (when not in sailing jumpers and Sperry topsiders), so I figured it best to ask a local.  I should have thought about that further.  This is the same guy who hosted us on his J24 racing sailboat on the harbor on Sunday -- from the boat club to the fish market for a bite and some wine and then ... then the rain came.  This sailor wasn’t going to let a bit of downpour get in the way of his afternoon plans.  We spent the next 3 hours, rain pouring off our faces and soaking what little clothing I had brought along, “sailing” to the Northern end of the harbor to get the full tour.  It was fantastic, albeit soggy, but I was marathon worthy beat by the time we reached the club and docked up.

This hit my inbox at 6:47AM.  It’s taken a few hours and several cups of coffee to gather the courage to consider doing it.  But the sun is out and it’s going to be a good long while before I can dip my toes in San Juan waters, so -- here’s to a day of swimming (eek! and running!).  I’m going to attack in reverse so I have an extra half hour of ferry time en route to Manly to contemplate my folly.  The swim/run/walk distance is roughly 10k.  Let’s hope all my hiking up Turtleback Mountain has buffered my endurance levels.