Run, Swim, Repeat (10 times)

I managed to do it: Run from Manly to Spit Harbor and complete 10 swims (many on insanely gorgeous empty beaches) on the way.  It was the best Tuesday I’ve ever had, or at least the best in my recent history slogging away on a trading floor.  My only regret is not being able to lug a proper camera -- the Iphone doesn’t do the views justice (and the cheap pair of useless goggles I bought that broke 2 swims in).  Either way, here’s a taste of this fantastic Sydney tour in pictures (in reverse- I started with Swim 10 and worked my way down).  If you try this, watch out for the peel off to the left for Beach 4 - it’s unmarked but will quickly wind you down a steep tunnel-like path to a rocky drop off overlooking the beach (which requires mild climbing).  I missed it and ended up swimming at Beach 3 before I realized it, only to have to trek it back and add another kilometer to the tally. 

Spit to Manly in 10 Swims and 10K

I mentioned to Gerry’s Head of Technology yesterday that I was hoping to get some good swimming in while in Sydney.  The people here seem to live in their speedos (when not in sailing jumpers and Sperry topsiders), so I figured it best to ask a local.  I should have thought about that further.  This is the same guy who hosted us on his J24 racing sailboat on the harbor on Sunday -- from the boat club to the fish market for a bite and some wine and then ... then the rain came.  This sailor wasn’t going to let a bit of downpour get in the way of his afternoon plans.  We spent the next 3 hours, rain pouring off our faces and soaking what little clothing I had brought along, “sailing” to the Northern end of the harbor to get the full tour.  It was fantastic, albeit soggy, but I was marathon worthy beat by the time we reached the club and docked up.

This hit my inbox at 6:47AM.  It’s taken a few hours and several cups of coffee to gather the courage to consider doing it.  But the sun is out and it’s going to be a good long while before I can dip my toes in San Juan waters, so -- here’s to a day of swimming (eek! and running!).  I’m going to attack in reverse so I have an extra half hour of ferry time en route to Manly to contemplate my folly.  The swim/run/walk distance is roughly 10k.  Let’s hope all my hiking up Turtleback Mountain has buffered my endurance levels.


7800 Miles West

That’s not the distance between NYC and Orcas Island.  Despite bagging the Wall Street gig, I can still reason enough to locate Google Maps on my browser.  7800 miles is the distance between Orcas Island and Sydney, Australia, where I find myself this sunny & warm Fall morning (if you’re confused, pull our your maps, this is the southern hemisphere folks, and much much much further West).  I took an unmerited hiatus from the newly christened blog to tag along on my husband’s business trip to Sydney.  There’s something deeply satisfying about this trip other than it being a welcomed holiday.  There’s a sense of coming full circle --I was last in Sydney in 2004 after prematurely quitting my career for the first time.