Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Buttercream

Sugar Sugar and a Red Velvet Cake

Sugar.  You and I have a long history.  I was delivered in the hallway to the delivery room, screaming for dessert.  It wasn't yet six in the morning.  My mom offered her breast and I suckled and tasted sweet.  It could have been the candy drawer she keeps to this day.  I didn't 'lick it off the ground,' as my husband often says.  Sugar is my fuel and my nemesis.  Surrounded by a bunch of hippies, it doesn't get me far.  But oozing Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies on a Friday night, pulled from the oven just as my dear overworked roommate in New York walked in the door, made me instant friends.  I believe it also secured a few boyfriends, perhaps a husband !  Those boys in New York aren't used to a chick who can hold her own on a trading floor AND bake a pie, crust included, from scratch.  "Would you like that a la mode with this Bourbon Raisin Ice Cream I just threw together?