Garden Tools: Excel and then some

This is what happens when you cross a Wall Street junkie with 8 raised garden beds.  I tried.  For nearly two months I resisted the temptation to "organize" my garden, but alas, last week I broke down.  I know, it looks bad, but there is something to be said for having an action plan -- and putting my type A skills to use in the garden isn't the worst plan I've thought up.  This may actually be helpful: It's a map of what's currently in the garden (and the next round), and a diary of when it was planted, what varietal, and how frequently to succession plant.  When I was mastering Excel as an analyst at CSFB many years ago (probably to calculate year-on-year growth in industrial production in Argentina or to simulate the effective exchange rate produced by currency hedging strategies - FUN), I can't say I had the foresight to see its usefulness as a future novice farmer.  A transferable skill- we’re making progress.