She is a temptress

Not my mother in law.  Though it's possible I haven't heard that story yet.  My mother in law (actually, 'mum'), Hazel, is visiting from Ireland so I've taken the opportunity to slow down and walk the paths around our house with her, instead of rush through my standard run. I should be honest; what I did was rush through my standard run and THEN walk it with her, but I'm thankful to her that I did.  The double loop allowed me to first, notice the plethora of Salmonberries, in all shades of jealousy, ripe for the picking, and second, to spend the afternoon picking them with Hazel and to enjoy her tales of being a youngster let loose to berry pick in the wilds of Ireland.  We came home with nearly eight cups, juices oozing, our legs sore, and scratch laden arms to evidence of our inability to resist even a lone jewel berry dangling over the ravine.  Salmonberry, she is a temptress.