Okanogan Apricot Spoon Preserves

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Apricot ok head shot-5984.jpg

Okanogan Apricot Spoon Preserves


Apricot is one of those flavors we don't need to explain. Anyone who's had a luscious, toothsome spoonful of apricot jam knows the magic these beauties can do with your tastebuds. Apricots, however, aren't something we can easily grow in the islands - but they thrive in the warmer summers east of the Cascade Mountains. So we've partnered with a small family orchard that's been growing fruit in the Okanogan Valley right across Highway 20 for decades -- to bring you a classic -- apricot jam made in the French confiture style, made with the most delicious, naturally grown apricots that warm central Washington sun can provide. We pair them with organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon for balance, and their own kernals for nuance and a hint of almond flavor. We painstakenly crack open each pit to harvest the kernal, which we then gather in a sachet to infuse the jam. This jam is a beauty, don't miss it ! 


ingredients:  Smallwood Farms apricots, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, apricot kernals.

7.75 ounces.

Handmade on Orcas Island

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Our line of cutting and spoon preserves are tailor-made for sweet & savory pairing.  A natural accompaniment to cheese, our preserves upgrade your cheese platter to sublime.  They bring a sense of gravitas to any meal– an appreciation for tradition: for the bounty the land provides, and the simple human ingenuity that inspired us long ago, to preserve it.

Cutting preserves are ‘membrillo’ style highly concentrated fruit purees – perfect for cheese & charcuterie pairing.  Known as ‘fruit cheese’ in Europe, this classic, slow cooked recipe was originally used to take advantage of fallen orchard fruit.  Our recipe is softer than you’d find in Europe & spreadable– but holds it’s shape perfectly on a cheese platter (or layered between two cookies).  We don't add pectin to quicken 'set up' - we rely solely on the magic of fruit, sugar, time and evaporation to concentrate our preserves.  This means you get a heck of a lot more fruit.  Smooth and rich, these are also great flavor starters for glazes, vinaigrettes, sauces and fillings.

Spoon preserves, more like a traditional jam, have a softer set than our cutting preserves, but with lots of great texture.  Super fruit forward, these are made using classic French techniques, including a long soak to draw out the most from the fruit's juices.  They are equally at home on toast, dessert, cheese, or straight from the spoon (the way preserves were originally enjoyed - unadorned - all eyes on the fruit in the middle of a snowy winter).