Girl Meets Dirt Archipelago Preserves are inspired by the long history of orchard keeping on Orcas Island...

and a craving for the highest quality, locally sourced, organic fruit preserves nature and careful craft can provide.  Our throwback jams are made in an old-school style that emphasizes structure and pure, ripe, naturally grown fruit.   Our ingredient lists are short and sweet.  We don't use commercial pectin and rely on time & concentration for set.  

We believe island heritage fruit speaks for itself.  We pair single varietal fruit, many from trees that have been producing for over a century, with unrefined organic cane sugar, a squeeze of organic lemon, and classically prepare it by hand--in seasoned copper pans -- in our island kitchen.


Girl Meets Dirt was born of the land.  Grew limbs through storms, gained strength with rain, knowledge with history, rootedness with dirt under her fingernails.  Seedlings rose, and bore fruit.  And she watched, curious & hungry, and learned the art of stretching bounty into winter.  This is where the story ends (it always ends) but begins anew – with worn muddy boots and kitchen clogs – a journey in steps, stems, pear seeds, plum pits, and apple flesh.  A journey to the fruit of the matter & back, on one island farmette.

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Visit our tasting room & jam shop

We're thrilled to announce the opening of our new kitchen, shop & tasting room in the hamlet of Eastsound, in the heart of Orcas Island.  Our hands are busy but we welcome you to stop by, say hello, and shop.  We've curated a retail corner for you to peruse - packed with our entire lineup of preserves, locally made serving boards, bespoke cheese knives, aprons and even a few sparkling hand hammered copper pots. 

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Archipelago Preserves

This is a story about the fruit and the alchemy that happens when it meets human hands – the alchemy that touches us no less.  And has for centuries.  We’re humbled by tradition -- that one heirloom tree provided bounty to untold families over more than a century floors us.  Gravitas in fruit & sugar.  That’s what this is about.  Now get eating.

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Nanny's Stole & the good food awards 

As I was packing late the night prior to our flight to San Francisco for the Good Food Awards (we won!), in with the forgiving black cocktail dress and 'heritage' (harkening back to my Wall Street days) Louboutin heels that I no longer could walk in, extra concealer from my 'mama's getting the baby to sleep in the crib and doesn't sleep anymore eyes', it donned on me I didn't have a shawl to keep my shoulders warm or a jacket that didn't scream "I live on a farm now".  Rifling through my NYC wardrobe tucked away in the nursery (yes, I should pick up some Marie Kondo woo-woo and neatly fold those babies and tell 'em to take a hike but...), deep in the back was my grandmother's (affectionately known as "Nanny") real fur stole, complete with her initials 'SJM' on the inner flap.  In it went into my already too full bag... 

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