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Our Heritage Preserves are inspired by the long history of orchard keeping on Orcas Island. And a craving for the highest quality, locally sourced, organic fruit preserves nature and careful craft can provide. Our award winning jams, shrubs and bitters are made in an old-school style that emphasizes structure and pure, ripe, naturally grown fruit. We believe island heritage fruit speaks for itself. We pair single varietal fruit, many from trees that have been producing for over a century, with fair trade organic cane sugar, organic lemon, and classically prepare it by hand – in seasoned copper pans – in our island kitchen. This is our tale of plum pits, magic chasers and muddy rubber boots; we’re honored to be able to share it with you.

Left side: Hands reach into crates of shiro plums,  & peaches. Crates of tomatos and mirabelle plums sit next to these. Top right: Three copper pots  on the stove with jam cooking in them. Bottom right: Spoon Preserves stacked on orchard ladder shelf.

Join the club! Enjoy a taste of the islands year round.