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8x Good Food Award Winners!

2021 Good Food Award Finalists - Girl Meets Dirt

🎉We’re an 8-time Good Food Award Winner thanks to our crown jewel Island Plum Shrub taking home top honors today from the 2022 Good Food Awards at the January awards ceremony. Our Peach Tree Bitters, Island Pear Shrub & our Pink Bartlett Cutting Preserves were named as 2022 Finalists. 

It's been a wild and challenging few years, but this multiple product honor is a nice capstone, and a reminder to keep doing what we're doing: focusing on making the best preserves money can buy.

We're grateful for your continued support - thank you for sharing the jam (shrub, and bitter) love with your loved ones. 

For a full round up of prior year winners and finalist click here

Cheers to my dream team,

XOXO, Audra & the Jam Squad


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A Thanksgiving Story - Girl Meets Dirt

A Thanksgiving Story

Our Thanksgiving Recipe Edit

Our Thanksgiving Recipe Edit

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