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Our Thanksgiving Recipe Edit

Our Thanksgiving Recipe Edit


As we all prepare to embrace the warmth of gatherings, we find ourselves reflecting on the joy of sharing moments around the table. This season, we invite you to infuse your Thanksgiving feast with the delightful notes of our artisanal preserves and shrubs. Below are a few recipes we’ll be loading up our tables with. 🍁






While the bird roasts and the oven hums along, mid-day snacks are vital to tide over hungry bellies. A charcuterie board is a necessity of course (stay tuned for our special Holiday Grazing Board Guide, coming soon!). Here are a few other unexpected ways to add the sweetness of our preserves to your pre-feast bites:


Pink Bartlett Radicchio Bites: tangy goat’s cheese + sweet Pink Bartlett Cutting Preserves + bitter radicchio = flavor equation perfection!


Deviled Eggs with Tomato Jam & Pistachio Dukkah: spiking our Tomato Jam Spoon Preserves with a dash of harissa is a stroke of brilliance!


Quince Toasties: a favorite amongst kiddos and adults alike. Swap in our Quince Cutting Preserves, paired perfectly with melty aged white cheddar.


Jammy Brie Bites with Puff Pastrythese have gone viral for a reason. We’re making ours with Island Plum Preserves for an exquisite prelude to the feast.






Who says that our preserves & shrubs are limited to desserts and appetizers? Even savory delights are begging for a touch of magic from the orchard.


Cranberry Quince Sauce: Audra's favorite spin on the classic cranberry sauce. The addition of our Quince Marmalade Spoon Preserves balances puckery with earthy honey.


Apricot Rosemary Roasted Parsnips & Carrots: Hearty root vegetables really shine under the embrace of our Orchard Apricot Spoon Preserves.


Brussels Sprouts, Apple & Pomegranate Salad with Shrub Vinaigrette: our award-winning Rhubarb Shrub is the perfect tart complement to this crunchy seasonal salad.


Apricot-Glazed Turkey: an stunning centerpiece to be sure, our Orchard Apricot Spoon Preserves make for the perfect glowing, golden glaze on your roast bird.


Loaded Turkey Panini: don’t forget the day-after magic! No boring leftovers here, thanks to a kick from Hot Damn Pepper Jam.






    Conclude your Thanksgiving feast with a sweet finale that leaves an indelible impression. 


    Apple Plum Galette: enhance your apple pie or galette with a layer of our Island Plum Spoon Preserves for a stunning ruby punch of flavor.


    Rustic Jam Tart: a choose-your-own adventure, pick your favorite of our fruit preserves! We’re thinking Vanilla Plum MedleyRhubarb Lavender, or Donut Peach Lime Spoon Preserves would be fabulous.






    Sip and celebrate with our favorite original recipes for Shrub cocktails.


    Girlie French 75: a classy beverage to toast the evening, boasting floral notes of our Lemon Lavender Shrub.


    Shrub Hot Toddy: warm up as the sun sets with our Ruby Spiced Apple Shrub


    Rhubarb Gin & Tonic:  Pick up a bottle of our Rhubarb Shrub & Peach Bitters, then scale up this recipe to make a pitcher batch for a crowd!


    Plum Shrub Spritzer with Lemon & Thyme: an aromatic non-alcoholic option with our Plum Shrub, for those of us tasked with making sure the turkey doesn’t burn.




    As you gather around the table, let the spirit of celebration and the flavors of Girl Meets Dirt elevate your Thanksgiving feast. Wishing you a season filled with warmth, joy, and the company of those you hold dear.


    With gratitude,

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